Silmply Great 3

There are many good program in Sab Tv but this one take the cake, it is called Simply Stories, it comes every night Tuesday at 7:30 . The program deals with different genre like Romance, Thriller, Comedy and more….

The story they show is also great… They have good performers and also has sensible story line. I will give you some ideas by sharing some stories which touch your heart !

Like there was once a story where a girl make a story that her dad is dead in order to escape from a proposal of marriage and poor guy thinks the he has seen a ghost when he sees the girls” father coming from his trip.

There are many kind of story like a guy who speak none other than shud hindi falls in love with a Malayan nurse. He also teach her Hindi but did not know that she agreed to learn hindi to marry her boy friend.

If you love a sensible stories, this program is just for you….