Sane people in the Insane world 2

Krazzy 4 is film produced by Rakesh Roshan and director by Jaideep Sen. It is about these 4 Insane mental patient, who acts more sane than the normal people in an abnormal situation.

Raju – Has some serious Anger management problem, you don’t like to make him MAD

Dr. Mukerji – Who think he is the Doctor, who loves to lead a team and is also cleaning freak, he can clean anything….

Gangadar – Who has struck in the time cage, still think Gandhi will come and give us freedom…You can always hear him shouting Vande Matheram…

Daboo – Who is tongue tied, no one know when he will open his mouth, ever we will hear him speak, that is a mystery

Dr Sonali who is their doctor, who wants to take them to see Cricket match. What happen when 4 Insane people come out. How will they get accustomed by the Reality. Well you have to see Krazzy 4 to know…

Everyone has performed well, funny dialogs, songs are great too. All together Krazzy 4 is light hearted comedy for every crazy soul!!!

In this world who is not Crazy, some are crazy for power, some are crazy for money.
Like Gangadar still we are crazy to wait for some politician to do some good to our country. Like Dr. Mukerji, some are crazy who thinks we should keep everything clean. We also see ourself crazy to take some drastic steps like Raju to prove our point. and Some like Daboo are too crazy to keep quite. You know like these 4 Krazzy Insane people are living among us, may be living inside us too.