Prince of Persis Warrior Within 2

As i have written before in my previous blog about my fav adventure game Prince of Persia Sand of Time in which our Prince steals the Dagger of Time . Prince is tricked to use his dagger of time to unlock the hour glass and everything goes wrong. The sand which flow from the hourglass transform the citizens and guards into sand zombies. There is prophesy that whoever unleashes the mystical sands of time must die.

So, in the sequel game of Prince of Persia Warrior Within the prince is chased by Guardian of Time called Dahaka. So the Prince try to go into time line and try to undo his wrong by stopping the sand of time ever created. There will be no sands of time and Dahaka will not have a reason to kill him.

Like Sand of Time, our Prince has control over time, more difficult task to be performed.
Has to escape from the Beast called Dhaka. That is the most unforgettable things.
My favorite thing is the Time travel from Present to Past. It give you a sense of Deja Vu when you revisit the same place. It is a different experience, i cannot put into words, you have to experience. All together Warrior Within is great game to play.

I am waiting to play and finish the final concluding part of the trilogy Two Thone. In which our Prince rides chariots, ride horse and more. And mainly fight and destroy the evil within himself. Till then, keep looking for the review of Two Thone….

Khodaa Haafez Doston!!!