Not everything is Black and White 2

Not everything is Black and White, there are other beautiful colors too, that is the lesson we get from Subash Ghai production Mukta Arts movie Black and White.

It is about a mysterious young lad Numair comes and stay in Chandi Chowk in Delhi, everyone think he is a guy who lost his parents in Gujurat Riots. Numair is a fanatic muslim. He does not like hear or see anything come in between his Muslim religion.

Numair is introduced to the Urdu professor and his wife and some more interesting ppl of Chandi Chwok. Everyone become friendly with him not knowing his real intention.

What is Numair real intention, is he searching for Job or something else? Will he able to see and enjoy other colors too?

Great movie, powerful dialog. Anil is the center of attraction. The new guy Anurag Sinha has given extraordinary performance. Hats of Subash Ghai for making this movie.

The movies tells you if you wanna stop terrorisms then you have kill the terrorist inside ever human being !!!