Memories 5

What is a Memories? It is moments stored by your brain. There are 2 kind of Memories, one is happy and one leaves a bitter taste in your life. I don’t need to tell you what you have to do with your happy memory, cos everyone would love to preserve them. But what can you do with your bad memory, the sad one which comes and haunt your life.
Well i took my bad memory and transformed into a positive one. Wanna know how?

Well i had a friend, with whom i used spend my whole day. He was a lively character, even a stranger become friend of him in a second and those days were my golden one. Now my friend is not with me, but his memory is always with me, i kept him alive through my actions.

His impact of him grown stronger in me. I started interacting with other like him. Now i make friends everywhere i go. That’s how you can make use of your memory positively. Always take the good things from your Memory and see you will never be lonely again….

Think about it….