Kamaal ka actor 1

My fav actors in the world are in Hindi Aamir , in Tamil Kamal and in English Tom Cruise.
I am here to talk about my hero Kamal Hassan. He is boon to Tamil Film Industry.

He has always been my inspiration, i wanna become a great dancer like him. He is walking talking encyclopedia. There is nothing he can speak about. I guess he has done everything, acting a dawf, a ghost, a lady, blind, what you think, he would have done that. He is perfectionist to the T

He has been working on his prestigious project Mardunaygam, i hope i spelled it right !
I know when it comes, it is goin to blow the box office. Another best film of his is coming, where he has played 10 Avatars. Dasaawtaram. I cannot wait to see his film.
I wish all the Luck and hope this film gives more success in life 🙂