Just Imagine !!! 2

It is not new that a Star endorse a mobile phone by becoming the Brand ambassador for a mobile company. Like

Srk endorsing Nokia

Hrithik endorsing Sony Ericsson

Abhishek endorsing Motorolla

Aamir endorsing Samsung

Hope i have not let any one behind. Now the latest news that our Saif too not far behind to endorse a mobile phone, what it would be? Have no idea, may it will be LG or Philip…

What will happen when people remember only who endorse what, like people remember only Aamir not Samsung. Then they will start talking like this, may be they will say that he/she is using Aamir mobile instead of using the word Samsung phone.
What happens like that? Just Imagine !!!

May be i have to tell that i am using a SRK, that means, i am using ………………

Well tell me your answer….