Ghostly Promotion 2

B R Films has come with an Unique way to promote their film Bhoothnath which is directed by new director Vivek Sharma.

They have made a tie up with Mumbai Traffic Police, like they have placed various hoarding in Mumbai saying “Don’t waste water Bhoothnath is watching you” and also they have asked Amitabh Bachan to do a few video for educating motorist for traffic rules and there will be another hoarding ” Do not cut lanes, Bhoothnath is watching you”

I have seen many Promotion, like some promote their film in Train, Airplane, but this one is different. I never heard of a Ghostly Promotion. I like the gesture of trying to teach lesson to the public and I wish Amitabh and the team of Bhoothnath best of Luck and may this movie also become Immortal !!!