Exams ! 3

Examination is such an important aspect of a students” life. People study when there are examination, even forget to eat and drink. Get too much engrossed in studies.
Imagine how much is this affecting the health of a student. Teachers from schools and colleges, pressurizing the young minds of the youth. Not only this even parents, peer pressure is also there.
How great must be the mind of a youth to handle all this pressure and stress. No doubt it is knowingly or unknowingly affecting him/her mentally.
Things have to be done in shortest possible time and they should be very good and presentable. This is the life of a student here.
Having its negatives is just one part of the story. It also has its positives. We learn to live a hard life the hard way. After experiencing this life one will be able to live in any condition(for studies). No matter how much time is left for examination or any other thing, a student will manage to complete his/her work in that time. Learn to live a fast life. A life that is having almost everything instant(working hard). No wonder there are so many Indians working in NASA 38%. (Just as an example).
We are really not that lazy, we really work hard.
Every step of life should be taken as an examination, actually it is an examination with never ending questions.