Ram Navmi – Birthday of Shri Ram 4

रघुकुल रीति सदा चली आई,
प्राण जाए पर वचन न जाई ।

‘Raghukula Reet sada chalee aayee, Praan Jaaye par vachan na jaayee’

Life & Death all in HIS hands

Life & Death all in HIS hands 1

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Input-Process-Output Model of a Living Organism-2 0

The process of acquiring divine happiness is
1. To read or listen to ways and means of acquiring divine happiness.
2. Think it over again and again
3. Take necessary actions

Input-Process-Output Model of a Living Organism-1 0

Input-Process-Output Model of a Living Organism
This life can be compared to input-process-output model.

We have
1) Input devices : Our senses (they can also act as output devices)

Waves and ocean 1

We all are like waves on the ocean! Meet up for one moment and depart in another! What a small period! Of few years! Compared to infinity! There is no relation among waves and waves!

Fact and Postulates 0

Our intellect relies on logic and empirical evidence for making decisions! If we say the sun gives light, it is not a postulate but a fact!

Word and heart 2

There is small story that demonstrates the problem of not getting turned to God.

Practice 2

It is not at all compulsory to think divinity in the places where you find it difficult to imagine.

Beast 3

That human being is a beast, who does not set God realization as his only goal.