Self Improvement


3 WAYS to be Efficient & Effective 1

 1) It’s easier to be efficient and effective if everything has a place and
is in its place.
 So start with the area of most clutter – wherever things get “dumped

Listening is hard work; Listening for extended time is not natural for people; 2

Mind does not want to pay attention; strolls away after some time

You think faster than people talk; 4 times faster think in concepts, not individual words

People are boring

who is a mentor? 2

it is often said , if you dont know where you are going, any road will take you there.Lack of proper direction and guidance can stifle the process of your growth.It therefore becomes, imperative to fi

Self-Appraisal 1

Human tendency is that one expects others to evaluate ones performance. Even in such situations, critical comments are generally not accepted and understood in the right perspective.

Mind your Language 6

Jeremy Brown is an English teacher who comes in the program called Mind your Language to your TV Channel every Mon – Fri evening at 6:00 PM IST.

During the Exam 6

Avoid panic It’s natural to feel nervous. Avoid this nervousness and do not panic.

Anger and Anger Management 2

Ya you read it right… anger…


Jealousy is an incurable disease
Which no one can heal?
Only fools play
But still people do play the game of Jealousy
Bouncing on others like a wild fire
Fire which is burning in their heart