Agent 47 2

There is Ghost, an assassin who never failed in his mission, he is genetically built to kill.

Lenovo Notebook with cool features 0

Hi friends, my cousin sister recently took a new laptop. She took me to the Computer Shop for guiding her. Her budget was 45,000/- Rs.

Windows Vista x64 Support, Migration, 1

If your organisation is considering migrating to the x64 side of the server and processor pool, then these few pointers might be of use.

Settings are XML-controlled & No more HAL complications 0

Configuration information that was earlier stored in various text files find a new home under Vista: Unattend.txt, sysprep.inf, cmdlines.txt, and winbom.ini are now all replaced by a single XML

Names are related to computers

Names are related to computers 0

I was thinking about my friends who have taught computers with me in Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Kalina and teaching here in College. I started thinking about their names too.

O.C.R 4

O.C.R is the short form of OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNIZATION . O.C.R is a term related to computers.

Windows PE to rule them all 1

For a while now, Windows PE (Pre-installation Environment) has been the deployment tool of choice for various organisations.

Some of Fundamental terms of Computer Science 0

What is an Algorithm?

Fundamental program for creation & checking of account 3

First file should be compiled first…..then second & third.
User Id & Password will be stored temporarily as object of UserBean class.