The cartoon 2

I want to share with you a cartoon which I found very interesting. The cartoon is by Jug Suraiya & Neelabh and it highlights the tiff between UPA Government and its support-from-outside partner, the communist parties; and the disastrous effect this tiff is having on the governance. Two ladies are talking in the cartoon:

First lady – “The left is not allowing the UPA government to operationalize the nuclear deal”.
Second lady – “That is fine. I just wish the Left would allow the UPA government to operationalize itself …..”.

I do not know who invented cartoon but cartoons are really very effective medium of communicating the real picture. Just by the combination of a few pictures and some text, the cartoonists say what can not be said by only full page texts. For readers it is a one-glance communication, providing lot of information and also making them smile.