Ten questions needing your answers 2

Here are ten questions. Can you answer them?

Question 1 – Is election a war or a process of electing peoples” representatives?

Question 2 – Do we elect representatives or rulers?

Question 3 – Should crucial infrastructure projects wait for VIP inauguration or should be opened for use as soon as they are complete?

Question 4 – Should projects built with peoples” money be treated as largesses from those in power?

Question 5 – Should politicians be allowed to waste public money on their birth day tamashas?

Question 6 – Should religion be made the basis for reservation in a secular country?

Question 7 – Should Indians blindly follow western culture?

Question 8 – What are your views on live-in relationships?

Question 9 – Can corruption be totally eliminated from Indian society?

Question 10 – Are you proud to be an Indian?