Sonia Gnadhi in Govt ads??? 1

One thing which hurts me in the morning is seeing various Govt ads in daily newspapers. For every simple work done by Delhi Govt, there is an ad in the newspaper. Many of them talk about normal Govt’s jobs. Why waste public money for telling public about it? A press note issued to media will do the job. Also the best proof is that people will see if something has been done for them.

I am a member of the public. It pains me that my money is being wasted in this cruel manner. Every ad is at least of half page. Then to add salt to the wound, photo of Delhi CM and her ministers are printed in the ad. Her photos have become so frequent that it has started getting on my nerves.

In case of many ads, photo of Sonia Gandhi is also printed. I do not understand how her photo can be printed in Govt ads? She has no official position in Govt. She is President of a political party and Chairperson of the alliance of some political parties. But this does not make her entitled for getting her photo printed on Govt ads.

Today’s ad is from Department of Food Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Govt. of NCT of Delhi. Performance of this ministry in PDS is far from satisfactory. It is infested with huge corruption. But it goes ahead to print an ad in newspaper on PDS. And for this it wastes public money.

If Delhi CM wants to do chamchagiri of congress president then she should do it by spending her personal money.