Safety in hospitals 6

People go to hospitals to get well. If they get well then their good luck should get more credit than the efforts of doctors and hospital administration & staff. We have been hearing stories about wrong treatment and delayed treatment.But now there are news about safety also. A prematurely-born five day old girl was charred to death as the warmer, in which she was being treated for jaundice, was not safe. I short circuit in the warmer sparked a fire. This bizarre incident happened in Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital in Pitampura in New Delhi on Wednesday. The hospital is run by Delhi Government, whose CM and Health Minister keep busy in getting their photos published in advertisements financed by public money.

Timely warnings by the mother of the girl were not taken seriously by the staff. Even after they rushed to the scene, they did not try to save he girl, but were only busy in dowsing the fire. Lack of safety in appliances used in the hospitals has become a cause for a death.

Another death due to short circuit in phototherapy machine was caused in Shardaben General Hospital in Ahmedabad, where a three year old baby was being treated.