Rational decision making 2

Friends, can we say for sure that our decision-making is rational? For taking rational decisions, balance between emotion and reason should be our guiding mantra. This is what Roger Fisher and Scott Brown tell us in their better life tips. They say, “Rational decision-making requires a balance: Every problem, large or small, has an emotional aspect. Two people should be able to think clearly about their differences while they feel and cope with emotions of different kinds and intensities. Their emotions should not cause them to lose the ability to consider the pros and cons of a range of options before making a decision — whether the issue is sharing the family car, settling a lawsuit, working out a divorce, reworking a contract in light of changed market conditions, or negotiating a cease-fire between countries. In every case, emotions and reason should each be informed, but not overwhelmed, by the other.”

Today, the life has become full of tension. The resultant stress tends to blunt our capability of reasoning. This stress also forces us to surrender to our momentary emotions. As per the news reported every day, increasing number of people are becoming prone to this momentary emotional stress. Some of them are even even becoming violent. Increasing number of road rage cases and suicides (including young people) is a living proof of the fact that in our decision-making process, emotions have taken precedence over reason.

I have found Roger & Scott mantra very useful in my life. What has been your experience about it?