Ram Navmi – Birthday of Shri Ram 4

रघुकुल रीति सदा चली आई,
प्राण जाए पर वचन न जाई ।

“Raghukula Reet sada chalee aayee, Praan Jaaye par vachan na jaayee”

Above chaupai is from Tulsi Ramayan, and is associated with Raghukul, the family of Shri Ram. This means that the code of the Raghukula (Sri Ram’s family), had always been that its members would rather die than to go back upon their word. Shri Ram’s father, King Dashratha, gave his life to honour the promise he gave to Kakeyi, his second wife.

Hindus today are celebrating the birth of Shri Rama, who is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Hindus believe that whenever righteousness is in danger, God reincarnates to protect and reinstate righteousness in the society. He destroys the evil doers and protects the seekers. Shri Ram is considered a “Maryaada Purshottam” which means that He is believed to be the Ideal Man.

In order to be a completely full Spiritual Human being, we must keep good company, sing the Lord’s praises, listen to the the Almighty’s “katha” ( Scriptural narrations), and have total faith in God. We must remove from our heart and mind, ego, doubt, and desire of unnecessary things.

The day is called Ramnavmi. I wish you all a Happy Ramnavmi in your heart. This year let us imbibe the virtue of “Keeping our promises” from Him.