Noise pollution 3

I am a morning walker. Every morning at 5.00 AM I go to a nearby district park for my morning walk. For last few days, I find the a DG set running with its enclosure open from three sides. As per the board seen in the photo, deep sewer work is going on a contract given by the Delhi Jal Board. It was creating loud noise and disturbing the peaceful harmony of the morning.

As per Noise Pollution law, DG sets are to be housed in an acoustic enclosure.But here the enclosure is kept open by three sides to create noise pollution. Also lubricating oil was falling on the ground resulting in soil and water pollution. Did the contractor not know about the law? Did DJB not put a condition in the contract about compliance with Indian Environmental Law. Is there any system at DJB to monitor the work to prevent polluton?

Next day I found that the contractor has removed the board on which the name of his company (Jagdish Construction Co.) was printed. When asked, the person attending to the job, told me that it was because I took a photo yesterday. He said that he did not know anything about any law. Also his employer has not given him any instructions in this regard.

Violating Indian Environmental Law has become a routine with Indian Government and people.