Married woman living with her lover 3

Sometime back an Indian court ruled that a married woman can live with her lover and husband can not do anything about it. Rather the court said few harsh thing about the husband. The case was filed by the husband against his wife living with her lover. Court dismissed his appeal. I am unable to understand the logic behind this ruling. A married woman is living with her lover and court says OK. Why not dissolve the marriage?

Such judgments will destroy our moral fabric. How a woman can be allowed to live with her lover as long as she is married to some other person. If she thinks that she can not live with her husband then she can file a case for divorce. After court grants her divorce she can marry her lover and live with him. The court, already on her side, will gladly grant her divorce. But it did not happen.

I have aways thought that such action is adultery and adultery is not acceptable in society and also under law. But now I am confused. Court has not only supported the woman but ruled against her husband. I think that it will destroy the moral in Indian society, which is already at a low level.