“I never over-charge and refuse a passenger”, he said 2

There is one unofficial auto stand in front of our apartments. You will always find 2 to 3 autos parked there. But they take passengers only as per their choice. If your destination does not appeal them they refuse. Their routine excuses are:
हाँ भाई कोई जाएगा क्या?
नहीं यार मुझे तो किसी सवारी को लेना है.
साब बहाँ से वापसी मैं सवारी नहीं मिलती.
मीटर ख़राब है साब, इतना पैसा लगेगा.
और भी कई बहाने बनाते हैं वह लोग.

Other day, I came out of the apartment block and found three autos parked there. I wanted to go to Netaji Subhash Place opposite Wazirpur Bus Depot. As usual they refused. I had to wait for a passing auto. After ten minutes an auto came. I gave him the signal and he stopped.

I told him where I want to go. To my surprise he said,
सर आप बैठिये, आप जहाँ कहेंगे वहीं पहुचायेंगे आपको. यही तो हमारा बिसिनेस है.
I sat in the auto and told him about my destination. He adjusted the meter and took off. It was a new experience for me. I asked him, was it this time only? He said,
सर मैं कभी सवारी को मना नहीं करता. हमेशा मीटर से चलता हूँ. सब के साथ इज्जत से बात करता हूँ. सवारी आएँगी तभी तो हमें पैसा मिलेगा और हमारा खर्चा चलेगा.

“How much do you earn in a month”, I asked him. He said,
सर मैं किराये के मकान मैं रहता हूँ. मेरा भरा पूरा परिवार है. बच्चा स्कूल जाता है. हर महीने बैंक लोन की किस्त जमा करता हूँ. यह सारे खर्चे इसी ऑटो की कमाई से चलते हैं. कुछ बचाना भी होता है. अगर सवारी को मना करूंगा या उनसे इज्जत से बात नहीं करूंगा तब केसे जिन्दगी आगे चलेगी.

I told him about those auto drivers who had refused to go. He said,
सर पता नहीं यह लोग केसे चलाते हैं. हो सकता है उनकी और भी आमदनी हो.

My destination came. I got down and paid him. While I was paying, he got another passenger. He smiled at me and took off.

It made me think. Why we do not find such auto drivers whenever we travel?