Forming opinion about others 3

We live in a society. Society is made of people. In our day-to-day life, we meet many people. Some we like. Some we do not like. Some we want to meet again. Some we do not want to meet again. Why it happens like this?

Invariably, during these meetings we form some opinion about the people we meet. This opinion influences our present and future relationship with them. With many people some form of relationship is established, but with some other people no relationship is established. There is nothing wrong in it.

The opinion, which we form about others, normally depend on our own perception of various aspects of human life. If the person we meet passes our perception we like him. But if he does not, we do not like him. There is nothing wrong in it also.

But what is not right is that we try to influence others by our opinion about the third person. If we do not like the third person, we want our friends also not to like him. It creates problems. It creates unpleasant situations. I try to avoid forming opinion about others and accept them as they are.This keeps me free of any tension and any conflict with others to a considerable extent.