Do VIP/VVIP also face shortage? 3

Whenever power goes off, and it goes off very often in Delhi, I wonder whether power in the houses of President, Prime Minister and other VIP/VVIP also goes off. Do they also suffer like me, a common citizen of India?

When in the morning, there is no power and inverter battery has also discharged because of the long power cut, we find our daily morning routine disturbed. No power, no water. We feel helpless against mighty Delhi government and its partner, the power distribution company. Then we see photographs of Delhi CM in newspaper advertisements, which we know have been financed by our money. It is like rubbing salt in the wound. We know that in the houses of Delhi CM and all other VIP/VVIP power never goes off. They never suffer for no power and no water. Shortages and suffering in India is only for aam aadmi. For khas aadmi, there is no shortage and suffering on any account.

British rulers have handed over common Indian citizens to desi babus and politicians. For aam aadmi, nothing has changed. With every day, shortages and sufferings are increasing. May God save the aam aadmi.