Dial a number and complain 2

Traveling Ticket Examiners (TTE) and RPF police personnel cause the biggest harassment to passengers on trains and platforms. Their job is to ensure that genuine passengers can travel on Indian trains comfortably, but most of them do he just opposite. They harass passengers and pick their pockets.

A senior railway officer has agreed that TTE and RPF personnel charge extra money while booking berths on running trains. Money also changes hands for allowing extra luggage to be loaded in side the coaches. Sometime they even turn killers. As per a recent news item two RPF personnel pushed out a vender from the running train when he refused to give them a gutka packet free. Poor fellow lost his one leg and suffered other injuries.

To stop such illegal practices, Northern Railway’s Delhi division has launched a project under which passengers can make complaints on mobile. Next time the TTE or RPF personnel harass you and/or demand money dial 155210 and report it to the vigilance wing of Railways. Senior Railway officers have assured that immediate action will be taken on these complaints.