Converting to other religion 4

People are free to practice any religion of their choice. People are born in a religion. They live their life as per the teachings of their born religion. Some people change their religion for some reason or reasons.

I have always wondered why people change their born faith and what is that which gets changed in this exercise? Do people stop believing in God? Do they believe that they will get a better life in their new religion, both socially and economically? Most of the conversions in independent India are claimed to have happened blaming the born religion. But for many years a demand is being made in India, that those dalits and tribals who converted to Budhism long back should be given reservation as they have remained socially and economically backward. If it is true then they have abandoned their born religion for nothing. Their new religion could not give them better life which they believed they will get or were made to believe. Had they not converted to Buddhism, they would have got all benefits of reservation and would also have been true to their born religion.

I am a believer that one should not change his or her born religion. A person is born in a faith and should die in the same faith. This is the only thing which comes with the person at birth and will go with the person on death. Also, religion should not be used as a bargain tool. Religion makes people internally strong. Using this internal strength, people should work to become externally strong. No body has a monopoly on religion. Some people misuse religion to serve their personal interests. This they are able to do as other people run away to other religion.