An unnecessary advertisement 2

An small event is going to take place today. Union Minister of Power will give National Awards to Power Utilities for Meritorious Performance in 2006-2007. A function will be held at The Ashok in New Delhi. Friends, can you tell me if this event requires a full page newspaper advertisement with photographs of the Minister, Prime Minister and Congress Chief?

The organizations, which are going to awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medal, have worked to achieve such award winning performance. The advertisement does not say anything about government’s contribution to this performance. But the ad does not have the picture of the Chief Executives of these organizations, not even their names.

I am not sure that the Minister is even aware of the details of the performance for which he will give away medals. Prime Minister and Congress Chief are not likely to know any thing about it. They will also not be present in the function. It is highly unethical to waste public money on such ads. It is a criminal waste of public money. Prime Minister should object to issuing such ads and that too with his picture. The congress President has no role in the government and her photo can not be published in such ads. The purpose is obvious. Chamchagiri is unethical and shameful.