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I dunno why?

I dunno why? 0

The sea looks like sky,
I dunno why?
I want to fly, but I can’t,
I dunno why?
I want to play, but I can’t,
I dunno why?
I want to lay, but I can’t,

My Birthday 7

It’s my day,
It’s my birthday,
I was born today,
And all thanks to my Mother,
Who is very near,
Who is do dear,
Who took pain,
In return she had a wonderful gain,
In giving me birth,

End of Terror Part 3 4

Next morning she goes to the college where she is teaching. Her students, her staff members come to know about the kidnapping part. It’s a bad phase she is going through.

What are Students upto? 5

Students are not interested in studying,
Students are not interested in reading,
They do not believe in hard working,
They want to make fun of preachers,
Who are also their teachers?

End of Terror Part 2 4

Nisha leaves for home. On her way, she sees the place where the kids are kidnapped. She sees is on the T.V.

Today’s thought 4

Good morning,
Here I see some stars shining,
Though only for a while,
They have a sweet smile,
Good afternoon,
Will be back after lunch very soon,
Good evening,
The sun is now setting,

Doordarshan 8

In my days we used to see Doordarshan .

End of Terror Part 1 12

I am planning to make a movie
(End of terror). I am making this movie with my friends. So therefore I thought

During the Exam 6

Avoid panic It’s natural to feel nervous. Avoid this nervousness and do not panic.