Mahendra Sing Dhoni has been sold for $ 15,00,000.



Though surprising we are getting to see innovative ideas among the Present Day Enterpreneurs. What a splendid idea of purchasing lucrative sports person for their personal fame (though they are to be benefitted in their respective businesses).

It is not a news that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been sold. Neither it is a news that a cricketer is sold. What the news is that now we can bid win human beings too. Human beings are considered properties these days. What a change of mentality. Reality, it feels good when someone places a price tag over us whether we are actually worth that much or not. But if we are to be in this world, we have to move by the rules of the world. And this is the recent trend that human beings are saeable too.

Today, a cricketer is being on the auction platform. Tomorrow may be the MISS UNIVERSE, MISS WORLD, MISS ACIA PACIFIC, FEMALE SUPERMODEL ON THE platform too. It sounds odd when a female is auctioned. Fortunately the cricketers that were being auctioned at the moment are all males. If they happend to be women, than imagine the situation.

Anyway, where are the human rights activists are now. Don’t they see that a human being is openly auctioned at the market. Or they are accepting it as a market trend too.

We all have a feel towards the game of cricket. It is true that it should have attractiveness. But does it mean that the attraction should be in such a way that it revolutinise a new era which is may be not proper?

Thousands of questions with millions of answers may be there for critics and one who also reason every situations to something or other. But what does it matters when few of the people are benefitted out of it.

Anyway, as we don’t have to do anything but to see the changes that are awaiting our way, so why to worry so much. Just sit patiently and wait to welcome whatever comes our way. Atleast we will save few of our nerves from damaging.