How much money i get is not a matter. I waste hundreds just sitting at the cyber cafes sometimes. Whatever I had earned in this site is not more than few hundreds of Rupees. But I am not sure how much I had earned. Actually, I had read somewhere that I will be shown my earnings in the My Account portion of my profile. I always surf the place and don’t get to see anything.

Whenever someones pays for my work, I get delighted. I had put labour. I am writing because I want to improve myself. I used to write for assamese magazines but unfortunately I have limited vocabulary of English and so could not make out sentences to suit the ears of my readers. Neither I am too harsh to be digested by my readers. I still keep writing. I wrote over writingcampus though they were not paying anything, I wrote in yuwie, i wrote in blogspot with few different I D’s and also in blog UK. But here I am to get something for my writings. I know whatever I write is not much worthy but still I write and the site allocates points against them.

Now what I exactly want to speak up is not that I am not paid by the site. But I am currious to know how much I had earn in the previous month. I will get to know how my writings were accredited by the site owners. I get to know the quality of my writings from the comments of the readers. Some just drop a comment to earn a point whereas few others really like the writings and put how they feel. I got negative comments too but I don’t mind those. Because they are my actual friends and point out my mistakes and where I have to put stress.

Still I am curious to know how much I earned from my writings in the previous month. Because it will let me know if I am improving myself. I won’t be delighted to get the money as much I will be delighted to know that I have earned. So no matter when the Money Orders are disbursed but the list of earnings against the members IDs should be displayed.

I know I have to discuss such things in the chatroom provided but what if I feel like making a story out of what i have in my mind. Because blog is a digital diary and i am jotting up the impulses of my mind traveling continuously at this hour.

Unfortunately whenever I try to sign in to eChat, I don’t get to see myself as I erroneously put my chat id cuteguy instead of asomormridul which is my I D here.