If you have noticed properly, there are advertisement against our blogs which reads something like this
” Have a blog? Earn revenue from relevant ads – Try Google AdSense”, which was provided by Google AdSense against our post. What does this mean?

Shall we think that google is inviting us to join AdSense or it is the eBlog who is giving us a platform to subscribe adsense? If we join google can we give this eBlog site for advertising the advertisers products?

These are the questions that were cultivating inside my soft brain under my hard skull. If we feel to know more, who shall be helping us to get out of all our questions answered? Shall we proceed eBlog administration or we shall go for the Google administration?

May be these are some questions which will remain in our mind unanswered. Anyway, it does not matter much. We are getting a good number of friends to interact. So, we can make this site a friendship building site. Though we have the interest of earning a little out of our writings, we are still behaving like good friends over here. Such as we go to each others blogs, leave comments and write personal messages.

So friends, keep your sunny side up.