It was nice when you get popular. No matter what takes you to the top of popularity but you are happy JUST BEING POPULAR.

Actually, all of us seek for our cognition and whenever we are addressed by our name in some party we feel pride that there is atleast someone who knows me proper. In true sense it feels great to get popular.

Anyway, I have a similar incidence of climbing the popularity rather. Actually it was not me but one of my did which rose to popularity. With every step it took upward, I was happy. I was observing closely the way it boomed in comparison to those of its similar types. And is it took the lead, I was getting happier than the moment just before I was.

Actually, I visit a site called IBIBO more frequently than any other. And what I was talking uptill now was a poll created by me over there. No doubt that the poll was not so serious but it boomed once it was created and soon it took the ladder. It was among the recently popular polls for a while and then it got unbelievable support within hours.

The votes it collected was not so huge but still it was high enough among the polls on the popular list at that hour. The poll was a silly one. I give the poll just below and want to see how my friends react to it.




I am not sure, but I always calculate the visitors mentality and put polls to hit the popularity chart. I don’t succeed all the time, but whenever I heat the popularity chart, I cheer up for being one among those to be popular. My Icon of Lord Krishna was one among the list most of the time last year. But it was a time when I created atleast 3 polls a day.

I was not mentioning about my success over there but I was trying to explain my feelings when I was seeing myself climbing the ladder.

I have never been to the election bench while I was a student. I have special weaknesses towards the indoor games and I am good at some of them. I love to play and I love those games which utilises the brain than the strength. Because there are few who are physically strong but there are many who are mentally. So, we should be in a game which got many competitors than few. There you will get to rise to popularity if you can achieve little success even.