LOVE ?? 5

I still remember the day when I first heard the word love. I go through the dictionary and gather the meaning out of it. I was surprized by the meaning as there were a single meaning in that dictionary I referred.

I would not have been surprized if I happen to heard that word somewhere else. Actually I was witnessing a game of badminton between my sister and one of my cousin while another cousin was counting the points. While counting the points, he was shouting aloud,
one love

two love

three love

four love

and so on. I was not sure what he was telling. But could gather the phonetics well. I knew the numbers in english by than. Though I was too young to get to the english alphabets, I was well accustommed to viewing the dictionary. I had heard my mom saying me I love you at times and so I was taking up the meaning something like caring. But what does counting has to do with love. So, I have to go upto the dictionary for the meaning and what was in my mind was exactly what written over the dictionary pages.

I tried evaluating, the guy playing against my sister is much younger than my sister is. So, why he will love my sister, where as he always quarrels her in whatever games they play. I was surprised, the third cousin was counting it ELEVEN LOVE.

I ran to my parents and fortunately met my dad in the living room itself. I was exited and just reported my dad about the happenings I just witnessed. Hearing me, dad broke into smile. At that moment my mom too joined us in our living room. I was getting nervous and annoyed. Did I said something which I should not have.

Later dad said that love does not mean only the affection but while the word is used in counting points, it means ZERO. That is your sister is yet to open her account in the game.

I was embarrassed by his reply and run out of the room as soon as possible. Mom shouted at my back…………………l