JANUARY 10, 2008 2

It was a winter morning when I leave my bed for the day. It was 8.00 in the morning when I kept aside my blanket to look for my sleepers at the floor of the bedroom. I could feel an itch at the back of my head which I later reconized as a sensation of ache. It was mild and so without bothering much I take out the tooth brush to step into the bathroom for the morning freshness.

At 10 am, I was at my office chair and could still feel the tingling sensation at the cervical juncture of the back of the head. I just ignored it and started working with a slow pace. The day began with hundreds of customers quing in front of me. I was just serving them, but abit slower than I use to serve before. My work is to collect and dispense cash. A risky work which needs much concentration. When I ended the day, I was too tired. I could feel the intensity of my aching sentation at the back of the head is increasing its intensity. I put the cash in order and examined witht he computer generated figure. Unfortunately the cash do not tally. It was short by Rs. 2500/-.

I just scrutinised again, ticking each and every voucher I had collected throughout the day. The result was same as it was.

NOW, what could be my reaction. I am confused what to do. Shall I seat sad or enjoy?

I shall love to hear your advice.