JAGO GRAHAK JAGO was a common slogan that we get to see in the backside of the newspapers from last one year or so. But to be true I am not aware how they function. I have recently encountered an incident where I feel I had been deprived of the deemed survices I was promised to provide. I lay out the entire episode over here and ask for the readers suggestions.

On Saturday, I was travelling from my workplace to my hometown by a private bus who was supposed to drop me at my hometown. The bus finally declined to go further at a distance of about 30 KM from my hometown. On querry, the bus said as you are the lone passenger, we are sorry to drop you at the destination we have promised you before. They had collected my ticket provided at the booking counter before reaching that station. When I asked for the ticket, they denied me to hand over the ticket.

Out of frustrations and anger, I haded to the police station of that locality to lodge a complaint. I wrote an application addressing the OC of that police station. The OC than gave me a telephone number to contact the co-ordinator of that bus stand association. He even did not gave me a copy of proof for the complaint I lodged against the bus.

I know, there won’t be any action against the bus as I have no proof of travelling the distance and no proof of lodging the complaint. This is not that the bus service declined there responsibility for the first time. They had done it to me one more time during the month of December.

Later I had hired a cab to my home for Rs. 450/-, which otherwise had cost me just Rs.25/-. Now how shall I proceed?
Shall I seek the help of Consumer Forum?