I had been new to the site. I had written two blog posts. Due to defect in my connectivity, I was not able to change my password and for that I have to reset my account. Until than I was not aware that I will lose my earned points.

Anyway, everyone learns from his mistakes and probably I too learned that resetting account brings your balance to zero.

Now the thing is that HOW TO EARN in this site. Does the site pays for number of views we get per page? Or it just pays as per the points we accrue by writing blogs and forums. May be this is the question in my mind. But I think there are many who has a habit of solving riddles in computers and can answer my querry.

I shall be thankful if anyone can reply my question which is justified.

Is there any limits to the number of blogs we can post a day? It is also not clearly mentioned or I am unable to get while going through the pages of TOS.

So my friends, please help me out of this situation. I shall be thankful for your this little favor for me.