While going through the pages of the newspaper, my sight fixed at a news of Uttar Pradesh. A person is appearing for his board examination for 42 nd time. The thing is that, is he going to make record for being at the same class for that number of years or he is appearing to pass the exam. From the views he had given to the media, it comes out that he will continue to appear for his exam till he is alive and wish to clear the exam before he dies. But how one can presume he will clear the exam. Because, reading the same books for 42 years, he should have by heart learn each and every pages of them. But what seems strange is that, he is romatically attached to appear exams. He loves to sit among the ones of his grand childrens age and pass out the time striking ink over the answer sheets provided by the government.

Anyway, I am not going against his knowledge level. I am shocked because he have the patience to continue his venture of appearing exams. He is so passionate about appearing exams that he gives up his works during his exam season. He isolates himself from the family for his preparations. Is this be considered an example of continuous struggle? Or he should be prevented from appearing exams?

It is difficult. There are examples of people clearing their board exams even at a later stage than his. But they were appearing for that exams after a gap of many years or with the aid of National literary mission. They are not continuously appearing for the exam year after year like the one I read about.

It is good to try for achievement. But there are some achievements which are not so tough. They can be achieved if one is really interested on. So, this one is a kind of that. If the person feels he want to clear the exam, he should devote his time to study not to look for his lucky questions.