Are you in love? This is the only question we frequently encountered while talking to ourselves. It is really puzzling, whether we are really in love? If yes than with whom? With the country, with the family members, with the sports we are interested in, with the subject which frequently attracts us – like the nature, the birds, the river, etc. etc. or with someone whom we have never seen or the one whom we always miss?

If we are not in love, what is the reason for not loving anything yet, does we do not have a heart? Or because you are still too young to understand what actually love means.

It is believed that to love something or someone, one has to love himself. If one can not love himself, than he never can love anything.

Now the question is that, who is not loving himself. Everyone loves himself and so take care of himself for the reason. Does it mean that those who do not take care of themselves do not have love for themselves? Than what we shall say about a lazy person? Is he taking care of himself?
If he is not taking care of himself, than is it that he do not love himself or it is because he is lazy?

Now what do you think about YOURSELF?