is indian culture is really good ?? 2

Hi Friends,

I had a hostile attitude towards the Indian culture when I was living in India. However, after moving to the US, it dawned on me how fortunate I am to have been born and brought up in a country where adhering to moral values is the norm. Believe me guys, here in the US, I can go as far as to say, “morality” is almost non-existent. Educational institutions encourage students to do whatever they like so long as they are not hurting anyone. It is okay to go “all the way” with a person you”re not married to. It is okay to wear clothes that are so skimpy you could have as well chosen to wear nothing at all. It is okay for you to swear a 1000 times and use the f-word while having fun with your friends. But, I have a question for all of you. Do you even have the slightest idea of the serious implications this has?
Let me name just a few.

Children nowadays are being born to mothers that are still in their early teens. As a result they grow up in an environment where there are no real familial bonds formed, no core values taught. They don’t get the kind of love and attention which is normal for us Indians to receive from our parents. They end up being victims to drugs, alcohol and sex. Thus, the cycle begins and continues for a timeless period. Since it’s okay for women to expose their skin, men have a hard time controlling their thoughts. Men start lusting after them. They get onto questionable sites on the internet, buy magazines that have dirty images of women on every page in order to fulfill their lustful desires. Despite that, they don’t seem to get enough. Consequently, they get “hooked”. The use of the f-word has become so common that no one even has to think twice before uttering it. Owing to the dating game, almost every guy/gal looks at a person as a potential gf/bf. Even when they do get married, they still get attracted to other people because of the dating scene they have been in, all their lives. I can go on and on.
To sum it up, the society puts no restrictions on its members.