Value of Health 4

Good health is a man’s precious possession. One who enjoys good health can enjoy life in the real sense. there can be no real happiness in life if one does not have a good health. Good health is the key to success in life and a source of true enjoyment. A man should be physically fit. He should have a disease free body. He should be capable of doing physical as well as mental work. Without health, one can neither do great acts nor think great thoughts.

One cannot buy health for any amount of money. To have a good health a man must observe certain rules and live a disciplined life. Freedom from cares and worried is the first requirement of good health. One who is always worried can’t enjoy good health. A balanced diet is necessary. Besides this, clean surroundings, fresh air and water and regular exercise are some of the other essentials.

One must keep away from smoking and drinking. Over eating and eating too much of fatty food also go against good health. Similarly, over exertion and irregular habits work against good health. Young people must try to build healthy bodies. this will help them to live a happy life. Only one who has a healthy body can have a healthy mind.