Should Orkut blocked? 11

We all know that Orkut is a big community place where many of us meets our friends & other relations. But there have many noisy thing which makes us unhappy.

Recently The name of Orkut came in the newspaper with four scandals. And really it shames to all of us because of few members .

Someone cheats others, someone blackmails & it continues day by day & many other negetive activities…….I am not interested to detailing those activities.

What is the right way to banned all these nonsense?

In my view Either administrator of Orkut should banned all these type members or either Orkut should be closed forever.

I know the many of us will be against to the second option I gave. really I also want that keep the place but clean. I think the authority should open some new way to prevent all these like, proper authentication for creating accounts … & something new type of strictness like this.