Punctuality makes a human being gentle 3

Punctuality means keeping to the appointed or fixed hour . Nothing can stop the flow of time or call back time that is past ; and that is the main reason why punctuality is a valuable thing . In order that no portion of the priceless thing is wasted , people fix definite times for definite works . The more we keep to these hours the more we can use our time, a punctual man, however busy or engaged, finds time for doing more work .

An unpunctual man on the other hand cannot finish his normal duties even . So he incurs the displeasure of everybody and fails in life . Take a few examples . A student who comes late to his class misses a part of his lesson that day and also causes disturbances to others . An unpunctual man upsets the day’s programme not only his own life , but also of those who have dealings with him . In the military fields delay even by a few minutes can be very decisive .

There is another aspect of punctuality . Want of punctuality reveals want of culture and it is discourteous to the person we fail. If I have any appoint-ment with a person I must meet him on the appointed hour at any cost. But when I fail to observe this punctuality with another persons it means that I do not regard him as important enough or do not care for what he may feel. This is an insult to him .

The habit of punctuality is almost natural with the western people , and it is one of the reasons that have made their nations great . We are rather careless about it . This has to be remedied if we have to keep pace with the modern world.