Aladin’s Lamp 2

Electricity is something like an Aladin’s lamp. Just by switching on a button we get electricity doing everything for us. Electricity plays an important role in our daily life. It cooks our meals. If we feel hot, we just switch on fans, air coolers or air conditioners. Electricity energises water pumps to give us water. It removes absolute darkness in the quickest possible time. Lifts in high rise buildings need electricity for operation. Just imagine how we feel when power fails !

modern industrial development is the gift of electricity. It turns electric motors, furnaces and boosts production to strengthen the economy of a country. it has also lessened manual labour. Because of electricity we can listen to radios, enjoy TV programmes, hear running comentaries of sports and other events held in distant places.

Electricity has replaced age old steam engines. Thus we find electric trains. They moves faster and do not make any noise. The net-work of telegraph lines that carry messages to different parts of the world work on electricity. It has also revolutionised medical treatment. X-ray and different scanning machines can now detect deadly diseases very quickly. Electricity is thuas at the root of everything that is good for mankind and which we need in our daily life. The utility of electricity can be gauged when load-shedding strikes.